Command-signal cables



Used for analog and digital signal transfer in electronics for computer systems or in process control units with increased electromagnet compatibility requirements.
The screen serves as protection from electromagnetic influences.
When exposed to fire, the halogen-free LiHCH cable does not spread the flame and produces smoke which does not contain toxic compounds. Halogen-free cables have low smoke density during burning process, and they release a smaller amount of corrosive gasses.
They are installed in dry and wet rooms where people and material goods must be protected in case of fire. They are not recommended for outdoors use, nor can they be installed in water or in ground.

Technical Characteristics

1. Allowed surrounding temperature: -30 to +70°C
2. Nominal voltage: 350/500 W
3. Testing voltage: 1200 W
4. Low smoke density test: IEC 61034-2
5. Fire resistance and flame sretardancy test: IEC 60332-1
6. Standard: VDE 0812, VDE 0814

Cable structure

1. Conductor: fine wire copper conductor, class 5, according to DIN VDE 0295, IEC 60228
2. Insulation: HFFR filling, color coding according to DIN 47100
3. Separator: polyester foil 100% coverage
4. Screen: tinned copper wire mesh
5. Sheath: HFFR, RAL 7001, gray


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