Halogen-free, slow burning and fire resistant cables



Anywhere where safety of people’s lives and material goods is a priority: industrial complexes, residential buildings, airports, hospitals, schools, theaters, shopping centers, locations with increased frequency of people, (objects BD2, BD3, BD4). The cables are installed in dry and wet rooms, in ducts, pipes, below plaster, above plaster, on walls, into wardrobes…

Construction Description

1. Conductor: bare copper rope cl. 1 (1-10 mm2-RE) or cl. 2 (RM) according to HRN HD 383
2. Insulation: halogen free flame retardant type XLPE compound
3. Filling: extruded flame retardant elastomer
4. Sheath: retardant halogen-free polyolefin
5. Sheath color: black
These cables are hard to ignite, self-extinguishing, they do not spread flames, they are highly resistant to fire, do not release toxic and corrosive gasses while burning, and they emit reduced amount of low density smoke.

Technical Characteristics

1. Nominal voltage: 0.6/1 kW
2. Testing voltage: 4 kW
3. Permanent operating temperature of the conductor: +90°C
4. Short circuit temperature: +250°C
5. Maximum stress force of Cu conductor: 50N/mm2
6. Minimal internal bending radius: (D=External cable diameter)
*15D for single core cables, 12D for multi-core cables


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