Halogen-free, slow burning and fire resistant cables

NHXH-J FE180/ E90, NHXH- O FE180/ E90


The cable is installed into installations with the exceptional task of maintaining operation functionality and continuity of devices and equipment in case of fire. In buildings with high safety requirements for protection of human lives and large material valuables: hospitals, schools, theaters, cinemas and sport halls, industrial complexes, power plants, subways, alarm systems, emergency power systems… Cables are installed in dry and wet rooms: in ground, ducts, pipes, below plaster, above plaster, on walls, shelves…

Construction Description

Hard to ignite, self-extinguishing, do not spread flame, highly resistant to fire, no toxic or corrosive gasses while burning, reduced emission and density of smoke, maintaining system functionality during fire for at least 90 minutes.

Technical characteristics

1. Standard: IEC 60502-1, IEC 60331-11/-21(180 min), VDE 0472-Teil 814, DIN 4102-12
2. Nominal voltage: 0.6/1 kW
3. Testing voltage: 3.5 kW
4. Maximum operating temperature of the conductor: +90°C
5. Maximum temperature during short circuit: +250°C, up to 5 sec

Cable Structure

1. Conductor: bare copper robe cl. 2 and cl. 1 on buyer’s demand (solid conductor up to 10 mm2)
2. Fire resistant barrier: glass strap with mica tape
3. Insulation: polyethylene mesh, type XLPE; Filling: halogen-free polyolefin
4. Sheath: flame retardant halogen-free polyolefin
5. Sheath color: orange, or other per request


1. Fire resistance and flame retardancy test: IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3-24, cat C (VDE 0482-266-2-4)
2. Cable insulation integrity during fire test: : IEC 60331-11/-21 (180 min), (VDE 0472-Teil 814)
3. Installation functionality during fire test: DIN 4102 -Teil 12; Halogen free test: IEC 60 754-1 (DIN EN 60754-1)
4. Non corrosive combustion gasses test: IEC 60 754-2 (DIN EN 60754-2)
5.Low smoke density test: EC 61 034 (DIN EN 61034)
6. Minimum ambient temperature: -25°C for fixed installation / -5°C for mobile installation
7. Maximum conductor tensile force during installation: 50N / mm2
8. Minimum temperature during installation: 0°C
9. Minimum bending radius: 12 x D, D = external cable diameter


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