Halogen-free, slow burning and fire resistant cables



Anywhere where safety of human lives and preservation of material goods is a priority: industrial complexes, residential buildings, airports, hospitals, theaters, shopping centers, traffic communications, schools (class BD2, BD3, BD4 buildings). Cables are installed in dry and wet rooms: in ground, ducts, pipes, below plaster, on walls, shelves…

Construction Description

Hard to ignite, self-extinguishing, do not spread flames, highly resistance to fire, no toxic and corrosive gasses while burning, reduced emission and density of smoke.

Technical Characteristics

1. Mark: NHXH
2. Standard: IEC 60502-1,lEC 60332-3-24(cat C) (VDE 0482-266-2-41)
3. Nominal voltage: 0.6 / 1 kW
4. Testing voltage: 3.5 kW
5. Permanent operating temperature of the conductor: +90ºC
6. Short circuit temperature: +250ºC

Cable structure

1. Conductor: bare copper rope cl. 2, and cl. 1 on buyer’s request (solid conductor up to 10 mm2)
2. Insulation: polyethylene mesh, type XLPE
3. Filling: Halogen-free polyolefin
4. Sheath: Halogen-free polyolefin
5. Sheath color: black


1. Fire resistance and flame spreading resistance test: IEC 60332-1, lEC 60332-3-24 (cat C) (VDE 0482-266-2-4)
2. Halogen free gasses test: IEC 60 754-1 (DIN EN 60754-1)
3. Non corrosive gasses test: IEC 60 754-2 (DIN EN 60754-2)
4. Smoke density test: IEC 61 034 (DIN EN 61034)


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