Halogen-free telephone cables

JE-H(St)H Fe 180/E90


Fire resistant (halogen-free) installation cable for telecommunication devices and data receipt and processing devices JE-H(St)H, can be permanently installed in dry and wet areas, reliable (solid as well) in open spaces, but it must not be installed into the ground. It cannot be used for energy transfer. It is recommended for fixed installations where people’s lives and material goods must be protected in case of fire, e.g. public buildings, hotels, airports, hospitals, subways, etc. Preserved functionality of 90 minutes depends on the installation technique.

Allowed usage temperature of this cable is:

Construction Description

1. Conductor: Electrolytic copper wirw
2. Insulation: Mica tape wrapped conductor, halogen-free polymer mesh
3. Stranding elements: cores are stranded to pairs, twisted in group
4. Sheath: halogen-free slow burning polyolefin
5. Sheath color: red

Technical Characteristics

1. Nominal voltage: 225 W
2. Testing voltage: 2000 W
3. Temperature area: from -40°C to +90°C
4. Circuit integrity: 180 minutes/VDE 0472-814, IEC 60331-21
5. Functionality: 90 minutes/ DIN 4102-12
6. Norm: VDE 0815


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