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s-ftp cat7 hffr


The cable is installed in structured local class F networks for transfer of data and high-speed voice, on primary, vertical, and horizontal levels.
Application is up to 900MHz. These cables are halogen-free, they do not emit toxic smokes, and are self-extinguishing due to HFFR filling.

Construction Description

1. Conductor: copper (bare, single core/solid)
2. Diameter: 0.56 mm AWG23
3. Insulation: polyethylene (PE) foamskin (foamy PE with a thin layer of solid PE)
4. Two conductors woven into pairs
5. Screen: aluminum-laminated plastic foil around every pair
6. Common screen: braided tinned copper wires

1. Halogen-free filling: HFFR EN50290-2-27
2. Sheath color: Orange
2. H07RN-F

Technical Characteristics

Type mark: HO7RN-F, AO7RN-F
Norm: HD 22.4S8, VDE0282/4
Nominal voltage: U,/U = 450/750 W
Testing voltage: 2500 W

Fire Resistence

The cable is self-extinguishing according to IEC 60332-1 / EN 60332-1/ VDE 0482-332-1
Halogen free according to EN 60754-1
Non corrosive test , halogen free smokes EN 60754-2
Low smoke density test according to EN 61034-2


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