Power cables – 36kW

xhe49, xhe49-a


The cable is installed in ground, especially on wet terrain, ducts, on cable trays, where mechanical damages or mechanical tensile stress are not expected.
As distributive cable in city and rural networks.

Construction description

1. Conductor: copper or aluminum rope, dense
2. Conductor screen: semiconducting layer on the conductor
3. Insulation: XLPE
4. Insulation screen: semiconducting layer on the insulation
5. Separator: expanding tape, semiconducting
6. Electric protection/screen: copper wire
7. Separator: expanding tape
8. Laminated sheath: aluminum tape with copolymer
9. External sheath: PE-HD

Technical characteristics

Energy cables with XLPE insulation and PE sheath with longitudinal and transversal watertight electrical protection construction.

1. Former code: XH(A)E 49, XH(A)E 49-A
2. Type coded acc. to HRN HD: (FL)2Y, NA2XS(FL)2Y, EXeCeWB, EAXeCeWB
3. Type coded acc. to DIN VDE: N2XS(FL)2Y, NA2XS(FL)2Y
4. Standards and norms: HRN HD 620 S2 Part 10C
IEC 60 502-2
DIN VDE 0276 T 620
5. Nominal voltage: U0/U=12/20 kW, 18/30 kW, 20.8/36 kW
6. Max network voltage: Um=24 kW, 36 kW, 42 kW
7. Testing voltage: U1=30 kW, 45 kW, 52 kW


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